Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Campus - AUC, Future University Egypt - AUC Book Sale

Since we had already driven all the way to New Cairo and the AUC Press bi-annual sale was supposed to start today, we decided to take a look at the bookstore on the new campus.

We just got to see a bit of the campus when we drove in at the Visitors Gate (no1) . The buildings do look beautiful and they have tried to replicate the architecture of the original campus in some ways, but even the briefest look showed us that the campus wasn't ready to be functioning full time.

The bookstore at the new campus that was opened at the end of August, had more space and seemed well laid out. They are offering a flat 20% off on all books, but the bargain books (upto60% off) are only available at the downtown campus. The sale will continue until the 5th of December. The downtown bookstore remains my favorite of their 3 locations and we returned here to buy our book fix :) today.

New Campus Bookstore 2797 5927
Downtown Bookstore 2797 5887
Zamalek Bookstore 2739 7045

While on our way to AUC's new campus, we also passed by the Future University of Egypt. I'm not sure about the University itself, bu their building did stand out on the road, kind of like a modern structure pushing its way out of the Roman Colosseum. Take a look.


Ahmed said...

I go around this spot frequently, no doubt the FUE has got a remarkable building.

For the AUC campus itself, I didn't go inside ever before, but from the outside the whole thing looks so simple, I mean simple in a way that's very simple. Not quite sure how it does on the inside.

The road as a whole has got some of the best buildings in terms of modern architecture, in two to three years time, may be even less, the area will be totally different, the rate of real estate development is dazzling.

amr.m.rezk said...

There is another campus around there, the "GUC" German University Cairo, I haven't seen it myself, but my cousin studies there, and says it's awesome.

Kim said...

There are a lot of universities in that area. We saw hoardings for so many of them, that we lost count!

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