Thursday, November 13, 2008

What to look out for when renting in Cairo

EgyptianSanks: Renting in Cairo

Sankalita, a friend of mine has an awesome blog too.

This particular post of hers talks about what the prospective renter needs to consider before signing the lease in Cairo.

Its quite a comprehensive list and highly recommended reading for those coming in to Cairo and who need to rent a place.

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Darell said...

Kim - nice informative post and thanks for introducing a new blogger. I left a comment and tried to link on my site for blogs I follow but no luck. Anyway for any interested readers you can also see my post at

Would be nice to collect all these personal experiences in to one handbook post for all bloggers. I am about to post another about bloody NOISE as that is one item that can make one lose their cool with neighbors,- I find Egyptians by large large love NOISE - but most important is - any construction near by where you are renting as it can go one for few years, not days, or weeks.

Sorry for verbal diarrhea as they are pounding again next door and I am about to go hanf someone

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