Monday, November 24, 2008

Cairo Opera House Schedule

Its been almost impossible to buy the annual opera house schedule this year. This schedule costs about 50-100LE and is a boon when you are trying to plan your evenings and book tickets in advance.

The ticket booking desk does not carry a schedule. They will redirect you to the information desk. the information desk only has the monthly schedule. Some person in the office of the Cairo Opera house is the sole person who is allowed to sell this schedule and HE IS NEVER AROUND!.
I have tried almost every hour between 9am to 7pm to meet him and he is never around. After 7pm, the guards at the inner gate of the Opera House, will not let you pass unless you are completely dressed up for the opera!

The past 2 years, we picked up our schedule when attending a performance early in the year. With our hectic travel schedule this year, we have not been able to attend an evening performance yet.

If you go before 7pm, the security guard inside the office will tell you to wait for this person (Mr Sameh?) to arrive. He also will not let you use a washroom on the premises while you wait.

Its just so bloody inconvenient! Why can't they just have some copies for sale at the information desk or at the ticket desk? Its not like it is some super secret information!

The only good thing this year, is that they FINALLY have a website with information in English, Arabic & French, which I discovered after protesting at the shoddy treatment and run-around that we were being given AGAIN last evening. All these years, it was only available in Arabic. The website is pretty decent.

Check out


amr.m.rezk said...

Hi Kim,
The Cairo Opera House's schedule has always been hard to get from there, but I always could get it online from the website, the site really has been there for a few years, never really noticed that it was only in Arabic :D
I hope you could fulfil your dream about buying the schedule soon :D

Kim said...

Yes, it used to be which was completely in Arabic, which I obviously had to get someone else to read and translate for me.

The new one is This is available in 3 languages - English, Arabic, French

Anonymous said...

The cairo opera schedule site DOES NOT WORK!!! Any ideas?

Kim said...

its working fine. Just checked it, don't know why you had a problem.

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