Saturday, November 15, 2008

Revolving Restaurant, Grand Hyatt, Cairo

. . . This is a lovely restaurant to take your date to with its awesome ambience, phenomenal food, panoramic view and attentive yet unobtrusive service. It is also a place I would recommend for formal business dinners or if you need to impress your (prospective) inlaws or anyone else for that matter. . . .

. . . The Salad St Jacques was pan fried scallops (slightly crisp on the outside, tender juicy & succulent on the inside), served on a crisp potato pancake with marinated red peppers and some greens. I would highly recommend this dish any day.
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Cairo Typ0 said...

Those scallops look dead tasty!! :)

Kim said...

They were awesome.

Just figured that Gourmet carries scallops too, so I'm hoping to try making some at home some time soon.

riham said...

Dear kim,
i went 2 years ago to the revolving restaurant. i liked the ambiance very much but the food quality was bad. i didn't try the salad you recommended, but after you recommendation maybe i can give it another shot.

i would like to recommend you the belvedaire it's the nile hilton restaurant amazing quality of food, french cuisine but portions are small. if you go i also recommend the sea bass plate.

also Sabaya the lebanese restaurant at Semiramis intercontinental.

and the open buffet of Zaitouni the lebanese restaurant at four seasons nile plaza.

i think for now you must have discovered why i'm not losing weight :-)

Kim said...

Thanks for the recommendations Riham.
the Revolving Restaurant has just changed their menu, about a week ago, so these dishes may not be available.

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