Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Where to you can buy/shop for cheap used and new books in Cairo

My friend Allison of Cairo compiled this information and since it was so interesting and comprehensive, I requested her permission to re-post it here, which she graciously allowed. Thanks Alli.

Buying books in Cairo.

Went downtown yesterday and went to check out Attaba for books since someone was mentioning it previously.

Take the metro to Attaba Station. Take the exit named Attaba Sq or Attaba Garage. Walk out the exit steps and you will be right next to the booksellers.
There are around 100 new kiosks all with arabesque designs and each has good lighting installed. They are the same size as the previous ones, but now each has an address to make it easier to locate a favourite [Big Grin]

The book kiosks are open every day including Fridays from 10am till 9pm, best time to go would be around 12ish to make sure that they are all open and plan to finish before 7ish as some start to close around then.

Types of books
Thousands of Arabic books.
Medical Textbooks ( in English )
Engineering books
IT books
All sorts of Arabic textbooks
Islamic books , tapes and CD's
All kinds of magazines, and periodicals

Stacks of English books mostly used including thousands of novels in both hardback and paperback, the stuff you see in every bookshops at home. Lots of trashy novelettes [Razz]

The classics i.e. Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte.

Books on learning English and teaching English.

English magazines like Chat, OK, Readers Digests, Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, Bella, Computers, Cars, Body building, Health, etc etc. Both used and new but maybe a few months old.

Miscellaneous Books and magazines i.e. biographies, technical,Politics, History etc.
Tolstoy, Solzenitzen stuff.

There is a fair selection of French, German, Russian,Greek books dotted around, with more languages.

Old rare book kiosks.

Childrens books.

You can find fairly recent books and very old ones too.

I would say that only 1% of the book keepers will hassle you. The rest will let you browse in peace and if they dont have what you want they can direct you to another kiosk who might. [Smile] They are mainly older men who are friendly, but in a nice way [Wink]

Prices vary.
I found one guy who was a real darling. Very polite, helpful who has 2 shops. I bought a load of books and he charged me under 10le a book.

He is at numbers 83 and 84 kiosk.
name Mahmoud Kasem tele:0101218948.

I told him that I would put his name on ES and if any member goes to him and wants to buy books, he will give them a fair and honest price. [Wink]

All you do is tell him the word (ES) he will then know I sent you .

Enjoy your books folks


Cairo Typ0 said...

Thanks for this! I have a rather expensive reading habit and the chance to find used books is going to thrill my husband. :)

Anonymous said...

we call this place "sour Alazbakia"(Alazbakia fence).

Kim said...

Cairo typ0 : my husband is happy for similar reasons but is not too keen about being dragged into Attaba market :)

There's a single stall opposite the gate of the main AUC campus at Tahrir square.

He does have some second hand books, but you really need to bargain hard.

Pajama Girl said...

the tahrir guy? he has a general 10 l.e. thing, sometimes even printed on the books.

diwan and volume 1 also have miniature used books sections.

Kim said...

Thanks for the info PJ girl

ummelbant said...

Thanks for the info...I'm in need of books for my DDs & I would love to get myself some magazines..
the prices of the new ones on the newsstands are plain redicioulous!!

Manisha said...

Woman, you certainly get around! Shall def go and bowse round. Might pick me some good books!

Kim said...

hehe. May drop in to your place to borrow the books :)

belle said...

Also check out Used Books Egypt on Facebook, though some of the prices are a bit so-so. There's a guy on Korba opposite Metro who has some German/French and occasionally English books as well, though he's a bit hit and miss. Cheers, Belle

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