Friday, September 19, 2008

Basics of Traveling - TSA Approved locks

Following up on my post on luggage, I just wanted to mention this helpful tip to people traveling to the US from countries where checking in unlocked bags, is not advisable.

As most people may know by now, the US does not allow any locked bags in check-in baggage even if the luggage is just transiting through the country.

Finally harried travelers have an option.

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TSA-Approved Locks

If you want to lock your checked luggage, be sure to use TSA-approved locks, available anywhere travel aids are sold. If a screener needs to search your luggage, he or she can use a universal master key to open your approved locks. While TSA spokespeople maintain that officers know how to recognize approved locks and will not cut them off, sometimes mistakes are made. If your bags are damaged by a screener snipping off your locks, be sure to file a claim. To do that, go to, click on “For Travelers” and then go to “Claims Management Office.”

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