Friday, September 19, 2008

My morning laugh - donkey jailed for theft

From Yahoo News
Thu Sep 18, 12:06 PM ET

CAIRO (AFP) - An Egyptian donkey has been jailed for stealing corn on the cob from a field belonging to an agricultural research institute in the Nile Delta, local media reported on Thursday.

The ass and its owner were apprehended at a police checkpoint that had been set up after the institute's director complained that someone was stealing his crops, the state-owned Al-Ahram daily said.

The unnamed ungulate was found in possession of the institute's corn and a local judge sentenced him to 24 hours in prison. The man who had his ass thrown in jail got off with a fine of 50 Egyptian pounds (nine dollars, six euros).


Anonymous said...

this is a violation for animal rights isn't it??

Cairo Typ0 said...

"The man who had his ass thrown in jail..." Brilliant! LOL

Egyptian Web Designer said...

hehehe that's soo funny i guess you still have alot to see here in egypt :D

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