Friday, September 26, 2008

Yoga Classes

I have written about Yoga Classes before. This is another option from an Indian who is currently in Cairo.

Chirag can be contacted by mail on drchirayuthakkar @ gmail . com (without the spaces of course) or by phone on +201 6063 7001

Dearest Cairo Yogis,

I took some time off to check on the trends and costs of Yoga and Alternative Medicine services in Cairo, that's why the silence.

Before we come to our interests, something about me… I am an Indian National. My study at the University was Yoga and Alternative Medicine,which is a 5 years Medical Course. After the University I joined work in my hometown, Baroda, in a Natural Healing (Naturopathy) hospital.
After which I was employed in Libya with a corporate sector MNC, where the job profile was to work towards stress, health and fitness of the employees.

Also was associated with Yoga in sports for one of the national teams of Libya.

Another good break brings me back to Africa. Here in Cairo employed with a govt. authority in the Heatlh and Sports sector.

Coming to our discussion. (FAQ)

1. What kind of doctor are you? Do you provide consultations and counseling?

I am a doctor of Alternative medicine and Yoga. Yes I do provide both consultations and counseling.

2. What kind of yoga do you practice?

I practice Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga majorly. Also keep knowledge of other schools of yoga like
Bikram Yoga(Hot Yoga), Iyengar Yoga etc. and various streams of yoga.

3. What is the base of Alternative medicine & what alternative therapies do you offer?

The main approach and base of Alternative medicine (& yoga) is Holistic healing.

The major Alternative therapies I offer are…



Therapeutic Massage (for relaxation and for healing)


Hydrotherapy (depends on availability of required equipments)

Fasting Therapy (counseling and guidance)

There are other therapies but they require a setup. I have mentioned the ones which are on offer.

4. I am interested in both Yoga and Alternative therapies. Do I come to you or you will come to me?

I will come to you. My stay in Cairo is at a hotel, which is not an ideal place to have yoga or alternative therapies.

5. I am interested in small Group Yoga. Where can I come?

One option is, if some of you are willing to host the group sessions at your place. If so, then we shall collect people of the same area or the near by areas into one group.

Second option, by and by I am searching for a place / room for conducting group yoga.

6. How many people would you consider in a small group?

Four. Maximum five (4-5 people per session)

7. I am interested in Yoga and so is my Wife/Husband. We do not want group yoga. What can another option be?

Private session for couples is your answer. Privacy and personal attention are maintained.

8. What are your charges for Yoga?

Small Group Yoga (per session per head) LE 60 (Students pay LE 45)

Private (one-on-one) LE 250 (Students pay LE 200)

Private (for Couples) LE 400 (2X200)

9. What are your charges for Alternative Therapies?

Acupuncture LE 100 per session (Students pay LE 80)

Full Body Oil massage LE 250 (Students pay 225)

Full Body Yoga Massage LE 250 (Students pay 225)

Head and Back massage LE 150 (Students pay 130)

Head and Face Massage LE 100 (Students pay 80)

Feet and and Hands Massage LE 100 (Studetns pay 80)

Therapeutic Massage (for aches and pains) (depends on the need)


(depends on the need)

Fasting Therapy Counseling/Guidance

(depends on the need)


: Charges for these Massages are based PER SESSION & not on the time/duration of the therapy.

10. I am interested in Yoga. I am a student studying here. Usually I run tight on my budget and may not be able to afford your sessions. What do you suggest?

If your interest is genuine, then rest assured, there always is a way out. We can discuss and come to a mutual agreement.

Cairo Yogis…Now comes an important part... This is for everyone…

Do not hesitate to speak your mind. Do not hesitate to discuss.

At anytime if you have the costs of yoga and alternative therapies stopping you from having them, please feel free to discuss in person or on email.
There is always a way out. There always is a solution, we just need to try. Do not worry… we will not let your genuine interest drown. :O)

I suggest that you mail me.

In Subject type what you'd be interested in (Eg. YOGA - Private one-on-one OR Private Couple OR Group Yoga OR Massage OR Acupuncture OR the combinations)

In body of the mail write your full name, the address and specially the area so that later on it's easy to place you in a particular group in or around your area. Also do mention if you have previous experience in Yoga and a little about it so that we can have groups likewise. Further write something about yourself

That is all for now.
Hope to see you soon in Cairo.
Good Wind.
God Bless.


Melissa said...

that cool that you offer yoga. you should put your services up on this new travel site I found Its a cool concept.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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