Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kidnapped Tourists freed unharmed

If you are anywhere in Egypt right now, you must have heard about the kidnapped tourists.

If not, here is a refresher

Seems that they have been freed unharmed. Here is the news on Reuters, CNN and Yahoo


RG said...

Hi Whazzup,

Couldn't find an email address for you but we are trying to find a bad guy who may have fled America to Egypt and my be driving a taxi there.

Please feel free to comment at my site about this situation, as we a serious about cathing him. :-)

Information on Yaser Said is here:


Thanks Again!

An Egyptian said...

your Egyptian friend for sure as usual with us, will try to show you it's not our fault.

Kim said...

I took a look at your site & I appreciate what you are trying to do in this particular case, but seeing the comments in response to TG's posts, I think I will refrain from trying to say anything (logical) on your blog, because I honestly do not have the time and energy to respond to comments as those elicited by TG's comment.

If there is some concrete help that you would like, feel free to drop me a comment here, but I hope you realise that finding individuals and finding information about individuals in Egypt is not as easy as finding them in the US. I have lived in both countries, I know what I'm talking about :)

Kim said...

Egyptian, you do not know me personally, nor do you know my friends.

So please, do not make generalisations/blanket statements about either.

An Egyptian said...

i don't know you or your friends, i don't make generalizations but according to what your friend said, it's obvious he/she is doing the "patriot duty"

Kim said...

guess we disagree on what we consider rhetoric and what we consider a logical explanation!

Peace :)

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