Thursday, September 25, 2008

Temporary non tourist residence

The Official Website states that the following people are eligible for temporary non tourist visas to Egypt.

Granted to the following categories:

1. Employees of governmental administrations, public sector, municipalities & enterprises sector companies as well as their wives & children.
2. Students enrolled at universities & schools according to their enrollment certificates.
3. Parents of students who acquire this residence for the purpose of study.
4. Foreigners coming to Egypt for voluntary work on their own expense.
5. Sons & daughters above the age of adulthood, whose fathers have a residence permit based on work license issued by the Ministry of Manpower & Employment.
6. Parents of an investor granted a 5 Year Residence Permit, would be granted Non-Tourist Residence Permit on the bail of their sons/daughters’ residence & upon a letter of recommendation from the Investment Administration.
7. Foreign divorced women who were married to Egyptians when children are under their custody.
8. Husbands & children of foreign women granted Temporary Residence Permit in their personal status.
9. Those who have personal bank account of minimum $ 50.000 or an equivalent sum in any other currency deposited at an accredited bank in the A.R.E. The deposit must be kept in the bank for a year. This residence permit is renewable and extends to their wives & children for a maximum period of one year.
10. Owners of real estates - whose ownership is established by contracts registered in the Public Notary - are granted this residence which extends to cover their wives & children, provided that the value of the estate is not less than $ 50.000 to be transacted through an Egyptian bank.
11. Relatives of Egyptians till the second degree.
12. Those who are over 50 years of age who had a permanent residence in Egypt for (5) years and who have a source of income or financially supported by relatives till the fourth degree.

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Cairo Typ0 said...

I hope that my husband's employers know about this. *worried look*

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