Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plagiarists at

Today, I received an invitation to view a site called

To my shock and horror, my blogposts from this blog are being copied in entirety onto their website without any credit or link back to my blog and without my permission or knowledge from the 25th of Augusut onwards..

While I do not normally have a problem with someone linking to my site or posting a snippet from my blog or copying my blog posts while Giving me CREDIT, what is going on here is PLAGIARISM and Completely Unethical!

This practice hurts my page rankings in google and other search engines (because of duplication of articles).

They are doing this with some other blogs too. I also recognised articles from trailing grouse's blog.

I have written to the people behind the site and I'm hoping for an answer some time soon. This could be wishful thinking, but I still believe in the inherent goodness of human nature.

I'm also curious to see if this blog post will also make its way to their site ;)


Kim said...

Their own site states in its rules:

Copyright Notice:

All rights of this website is reserved. This includes the rights to its name, domainname, trademark, concept, format, content, style, skin, code, database and every other element in this website. No part of this website, its content, name, applications, documents, programs, texts, design elements, images, posts, look, feel, atmosphere or format can be copied, shared, moved, published or used without prior and explicit consent of its Author.

Except where diligently implied, absolutely NO part of may be reproduced or recreated without explicit written permission by site owner of and certified with written verification.

This is THEIR copyright, after copying my blog posts!

Anonymous said...

i tried to screenshot your plagerism post on their site but my net was acting up at the moment. i tried sending you an email in regards to getting their isp to tack action against them but it didnt get through. i did however get a less than polite email sent to them about my friends' stolen blogposts and the irony of claiming copyrights.

Kim said...

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me online and spoke to me offline.

I do have screenshots taken as proof (one of the first things you learn to do when dealing with online media)

They have removed their section which had copies of all my blogposts.

they did try to move my Ramadan post to another thread, which I have just asked them to kindly remove.

so hopefully, there should be no other problems with this website in future.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me and their site.

Kripal Pais said...

Desicritics or Desipundit (I cant remember which) had a lot of articles on how sites were ripping off blogposts with no credit. It wasn't limited to blogposts either. Photos and other such material was also being lifted.

Darell said...

Kim et al, I checked this site to see if any of my posts had been stolen and their website did not load with a comment on page that does load saying "Die Domain "" wurde gesperrt". Maybe this is temporary but someone has hit them is a denial of service attack. Serves them right!

Kim said...

yes, I saw that when I checked to see if they had taken off my last post at 6pm this evening.

Kim said...

@ Kripal,

Yes they were lifting my photos and other stuff too!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I'd be curious about what rights a blogger actually has regarding intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Or more specifically, what actions can be taken against sites like the one that stole your work.

bee said...

if someone steals your work, flag them with their provider, write to their advertisers. it's harder when they have their own domains. there are a lot of sites, unfortunately, who make money using the content of others.

Kim said...

They have their own domain, but they have taken my stuff off after me and a few friends of mine complained.

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