Friday, September 19, 2008

Toilet Hygiene - Grand Hyatt

I saw a new innovation that is so much more practical than the old one on my last visit to the Grand Hyatt.

On a visit to the washroom, I saw the toilet seat, loosely wrapped in plastic and I was initially horrified, because loosely wrapped plastic has the potential to harbour germs and other wastes for longer than the vanilla toilet seat and is more difficult to thoroughly wash clean (because of the folds in the plastic)

On a closer look. I saw a green button to be pressed, which rotated a fresh roll of plastic around the toilet seat, so every user can sit on a clean seat! This is so much better than the old butter paper toilet seat covers, which tended to get soggy if the seat wasn't dry and wasn't 100% hygienic.

This new invention is foolproof, the only problem of course being the plastic waste being generated. But I'm sure the makers have taken into account the proper micron count.

The only other comparable technique is the one at Dubai airport washrooms, where disinfectant solution is provided in every stall to wipe down each seat before using it.


vagabondblogger said...

There is another place to look for this type of toilet. In the Lufthansa club room toilets in Frankfurt, the ladies (I have not been to the men's loo) rotate with a small bidet washer that cleans it off after every sit (so-to-speak). It is a bit frightening to watch a toilet seat circle with splashes of cleanser bursting about, but you get used to it after several visits. Mind you, I am not always welcome in "The Club Room."

Anonymous said...

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