Sunday, October 22, 2006

American University of Cairo

Just spent the whole day roaming around the city, getting a feel of the whole place. Streets arent as crowded because of the Id holidays. Went up to the CSA office hoping to get some valuable insight into the right locations and estate agents to help with house hunting. But they are closed until Thursday too.

Totally missing my wireless data card. Finally figured that I can't access wifi networks thru this laptop. Such a pain. Figured it out after sitting down in a cafe that promised free wifi access & ordering a milkshake that I wasnt even in the mood to drink :( The breakfast that I have at the Hotel keeps me going at least till 5PM

Visited the American University of Cairo to figure out if I could do a PhD from here. The American University of Cairo is supposed to be the best in Cairo & also the most expensive. Turns out they dont have a PhD program although they do hire Research Assistants. Decided to go into this further once I have settled the basic living arrangements. there are laso a couple of other interesting courses like some on Middle Eastern studies, Womens studies................................................................... Trying to figure out which one will stand me in good stead in the long run. What would u recommend ? Do drop me a comment telling me.

Drove around Zamalek, another part of the city which is supposed to have pretty decent accomodations. It looked good. Lot of the apartments are Nile Facing, but look and feel wise. Maadi is a much better residential area.

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