Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Move Part 1 : to Service Apartment

Finished the domestic packing today. Over 100 packages of all sizes & weights. Smallest in size was a single stabiliser. Largest were our 3 books cases (U can c how crazy v both r about books)

Would have loved to have put up pictures but kept camera safely locked inside a cupboard, so it wouldnt get packed inot one of the cartons.

Strange to see our house bare but not empty. Absolutely zero furniture (since v dont plan to take any to egypt) but piles of books, cutlery etc etc in little clumps on the floor & window seats. Fortunately landlord had built in cupboards so clothes & linen are safely inside without much exposure to dust. Else with the amount of dust that escapes from under the heavy furniture, I would have been washing 2 cupboards of clothes for my first 2 months after unpacking without a chance to even get a glimpse of the pyramids :)

Domestic stuff all packed, loaded on a truck & dispatched.

Then went to HyperCity to pick up some basic masalas which I'm not sure if I will get there. Amchoor, garam masala, tikhalal chilli powder, jaljira powder, hing, kasoori methi (not a powder). Had to buy all the stuff afresh since to clear customs its advisable that your masala powders are sealed & stamped with the brand of a wellknown company. Need to get a couple of lakshman rekha sticks from a grocery tomorrow, as it wasnt in stock at HyperCity

Then looked at the moon & my husband said a prayer for him and ate some chaat on the occassion of Karwa Chauth Too lazy to write the details of the fast/feast here so you can check out Essays on Karwa Chauth if you are interested to know more.

Huge difference in celebration this year from the last year when I kept the fast for the first time as a new bride with my Mother in law to give me company & guide me in the proper observance. Last year we stood on our terrace from 7pm to 11pm before the moon decided to give us a glimpse of itself. This time I've actually been fasting for almost the previous week preceding & most probably the week to come too. Theres just no time to eat.
+ point : I'm losing some much needed weight.
- point : I dont think that this is the healthiest way to do it.

Major problems with passport. Supposedly it was dispatched on Friday, but still not reached me. Hope it comes in tomorrow, ow I will have to sit in an empty flat the whole day, just waiting for the postman. even worse : hubby may have to fly out without me again :''''''(

Plan is to visit passport office tomorrow & check where the delay is. A friend who applied on the same day as me got her passport on Saturday.

Since all our dates are so fluid & we have a lot of luggage, we decided to move to a service apartment rather than a hotel. Neat clean & spacious enough for our current needs. More details on this tomorrow.

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