Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Lebanese Roastery

Strolled into this really interesting shop on our evening walk today called the Lebanese Roastery. Only after coming home & "googling it" did I realise how large a chain it was.

The entry was filled with a variety of the Lebanese nougat sweets. As we went further inside there were whole spices available, a little further the display changed to a variety of nuts & even further inside was the roasted coffee section.

The nuts were around 70-90LE per kg & came in many flavored options.

The server there - Mahmood - was extremely polite & helpful. He even offerred us a complimentary coffee of our choice. I had tried Arabic coffee a couple of days agao. (an extremely mild decoction that is had sugarless with small bites of dates taken in between) so I decided to try the Turkish coffee. Big mistake. It was too strong for me since I am definitely not a "black coffee" person. Turkish coffee is a very strong decoction of coffee. Much much much stronger than an espresso. So I had to discreetly hide the almost untouched cup of coffee.

We picked up a half kg of assorted nuts convincing ourselves that we had avoided the less healthier option - SWEETS. Having rationalised our purchase, we headed on as happy as can be.

Had a lovely dinner at Andrea later this evening. Read my Review Here


banished soul said...


Cairogal said...

For a great Egyptian grilled dinner, try Abu Shakra (there are multiple locations around town). Most Egyptians know this place. Great price, fabulous grilled chicken, stuffed pigeon if you're in the mood, and I dare say, the best kofta in town.

Felfela (also a popular one) located near Tahrir Square (there are at least 2 locations, maybe another on in Helipolis/Misr Gedeeda) is great place, the Grand Cafe (shisha and excellent mezza-locations in Maadi, Zamalek, I think, and Heliopolis). Also, try Abu Sid in Zamalek (just off 26th of July Street). Abu Sid is great for shisha, a meal, and FABULOUS atmosphere. But if you're reading "yalla bina" I'll shut up now! :-)

Kim said...

Thanks Cairogal for the recommendations.

Will try those restaurants.

Have also signed up for yallabina

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