Sunday, October 08, 2006

Packing Part 3

The Leo Packers guys are here. Started packing some of our delicate stuff. Curios et al. Leaving them behind as we hope to acquire new ones there.

Our Ganesh collection has reached 101. This was the target husband had kept for himself. So now I'm threatening him that he can't buy anymore, but we will accept them as gifts :)

Unfortunately we have to leave this collection packed in India, because of the antiquities & artefacts restrictions in India & Egypt. Although our collection doesn't fall in this category, we can't take the risk with customs on either side.

Have to pack most of our library. No point taking books that we have read to Egypt. But since we can't bear to part with them, we aren't distributing / selling them either.

Some of our stuff is on sale. Sofa set, Refrigerator, Carpets, 2 beds et al. So people are coming in to take a look at this stuff & to pick it up too. There's so much confusion & DUST. I'm also sneezing non-stop because of that. Coupled with the painting of the building exterior, the cold germs are hovering around me. Fortunately I am managing to get enough sleep.

I'm operating on a very short fuse right now & poor hubby is getting the brunt of it. He must be wishing that today was a working day & thanking his blessings that tomorrow IS a working day when I will be finishing the bulk of the packing.


raunak (bm05) said...

kool :)
now enjoy sometime in pharaoh land!
heard its majestic...n cairo roks bigtime :)
all the best, have a blast!

p.s. - never knew ur frito-lay n now marico connection :)
can u spare some tips for switzerland to this poor guy?

Sonia Chawla said...

Hey Kim

Hope you make the most of your 2-3 years in egypt.


Kim said...

Thanks Raunak & Sonia,
Although Raunak, I'm not sure about the Switzerland connection ? :)

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