Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Office Boy

Just heard this story today. With husbands company being newly set up in Egypt, there are a 100 little things to be done over & above the major ones. One of these is finding an office boy & a cook cum cleaner for the guest house (3 bedroom apartment)

So these couple of guys from India HQ tell their local contact what they are looking for & ask if he can help. When he hears this request & it gets to the ears of one of the senior guys in the local company, this senior person decides to take it upon himself to hire the best possible person. This senior guy then dedicates over 2 hours a day over a week, interviewing cooks & cleaners & office boys. Finally our desi guys decide that enough time has been wasted & choose the best of the lot of the guys interviewed & decide to hire him. Before they can do that, our Egyptian contact says that a police verification HAS TO BE done. So, ok, we are more lenient about this in India, but if thats whats done in this country then so be it.

Egypt contact comes back 2 days later saying this guy has a police record & can't be hired. So what has this office boy done to get a police record ? Murder ? Robbery ? Petty theft ? pickpocketing ? No, nothing that grave ! He has a police record for Tax Evasion !!!! Imagine, an office boy/cleaner has a police record for Tax Evasion of all things. How many Sadar Bazaar Traders have Police records ? hehehe. Had a good laugh at this.

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