Monday, October 09, 2006

Complete Chaos

Well the packers have finished packing the bulk of the stuff.

Kept the washing machine, clothes drying stand, bed, fridge, AC & some other small stuff unpacked, so we can spend the night at home.

By end of the day I was quite tired & wanted a nice quiet dinner somewhere out, within close driving distance & currently we are trying to eat at as many restaurants in Bombay as possible that sound interesting in the Times Food Guide. "Poush" fitted the bill quite well. Closeby & Kashmiri food. Supposedly the only Kashmiri "restaurant" in India. It was a brilliant experience & totally worth it. Detailed review on my Restaurants & Pubs Blog when I get the chance to blog more enthusiastically.

sneak peek : we lounged inside our personal shikhara for our meal
big regret : didnt carry our camera. :(
bigger regret : we didnt discover this place sooner.

Came back & finished half of the packing that we will carry on flight.

Tired as hell & wanna sleep, so goodnight

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