Friday, October 06, 2006

Packing !!!!

Ok, I'm officially going insane.

I've moved cities 7 times post MBA at XLRI including Bangalore to USA & back, but I've never had so much trouble.

Well the Bangalore-Us-Bangalore transfers, were when I was still living a utilitarian life with the bare essentials. But now that complete ghar-grihasti has happened including a husband, there are so many more things to be taken care of.

My work commitments + passport problems ensured that husband made 2 recce trips alone & I'm flying blind into this new country.

It seems that the furnished flats that you get in Egypt are pretty good, clean & neat depending on the area & the amount u r willing to spend. So that means that I have to figure out a new home for all my existing furniture. Some of the furniture we are offerring at a garage sale. {Comment on this post with yr email id, if u r interested in picking up some things & want a list : note we are currently in Mumbai} Some of the furniture has been designed by me/us & I can't bear to part with it. My inlaws have been kind enough to offer to store some furniture at their house. So we are splitting the furniture & other items that we can't bear to part with between my parents, inlaws & an aunts house. These are in 3 different cities. 2 of which are not regular locations for most good quality packers. So prices are obviously on the higher side.

The good domestic packers don't do international moving & the International packers charge much higher rates for domestic moving too. SO we have currenlty decided to use one packer for domestic & another for our International packing. We have settled on Leo Packers for our domestic packing. They have transferred us on our last few moves & we are extremely happy with their service. Now trying to finalise the International Packer.

Now I'm stuck deciding what goes where. That's one of my key tasks as of now. Which books get packed, which come with us ? What kitchen implements do I carry, which ones do I leave behind ? Decisions, decisions, more decisions.

So excuse me while I go back to sorting items & our house which looks like a hurricane has hit it. & I will keep you informed.

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