Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day of Rest

hmmmmmmmmmm ..........

Woke up leisurely at 11 since I didnt have to rush anywhere. Such a relief after all the Night Outs that I have been putting. Finally the body aches have subsided. Packing in case u didnt know it, is an intensely physical job.

Today just sorted thru all our important documents. Which ones we need to carry with us : (Last 3 year tax returns, Last 6 months bank statements etc etc) & those that can follow by ship. Documents to have handy include those needed by myriad government officials to clear visas etc, those needed in case I plan to apply for a job there & those that are too precious to be allowed to be lost in "customs"dom

Walked down Bazaar Road in Bandra, to pick up masalas from Evergreen masala shop.
Had a mini meal on the way : Paani Puri at the chaat & bhelpuri stall. Samosas & bheja cutlets at Jeffs Caterers & wonderfual malpua at Tawakkal Sweets. Packed some phirni for dessert & that was awesome too.

Caught up with some friends for dinner.

The international packers come in tomorrow, so house gets closed by tomorrow evening.

Mentally much more relaxed since the major problem of sorting items is over. Hope my pasport gets delivered tomorrow while I'm supervising packing else i will have to do chowkidhari in an empty flat on Saturday & maybe Monday too.

Keeping fingers crossed.

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