Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Passport Blues & Reds & Oranges, but no Greens :(

Went to the passport office this morning. Turns out, the person who was "helping" us secure the passport had received wrong inforamtion. My passport had not yet been despatched.

The friend who received her passport after applying on the same day as me had only applied for extra pages in her passport.

Found the right "contact" within the old RPO at Worli. Once you know whom to talk to, its quite a simple process. Just put in a word & things start working like clockwork. Had a 10 sec meeting with the RPO who said that my passport would be despatched tomorrow & scribbled something on my application to expedite the process. All I could read was the numbers 12/10 Hope it means what he said.

After 7/11, they no longer handover passports at the passport office counter. U have to b present at your home when the postman comes calling. So this means going n sitting in a bare house waiting for the postman. Hence postponed international packing by another day so I at least have something to keep me occupied while I wait on Friday.

Anyway, co. people said they will follow up at the post offices to check when it will reach so i can b at home at the right time.

Went back home today to finish packing what we will take with us on the flight. So finished that. Now brought a bundle of papers back to the service apartment to sort so I only carry the most important documents as hand luggage. Everything else follows by flight.

Problem is each airline has its own regulations. Some allow 2 pieces of check in baggage. Egypt Air only allows 20
kgs check in baggage each. Unles su r a frequent flyer which allows u 10kgs more. Egypt air flies directly to Egypt from Bombay on Saturdays & Wednesdays.

SOme others insist that yr each suitcase not weigh a gram over 30kgs.

Since program is still in flux, don't know which date we are flying, nor which carrier. Hope things get sorted soon.

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